Thursday, September 27, 2012


Cernunnos, guardian stag.
Lord and protector of beasts,
God of the hunt, and of shepherds.
You have been repressed.

Flanked by the fox, trickster and lightning spirit;
By the otter, for play and transformation;
By the boar, for overcoming fear and forceful resistance;
By the frog, for impulsiveness, fertility, and creativity.

You hold in one hand the serpent of understanding,
Of knowledge, and understanding.
You hold in the other hand
A golden torque, for the sovereignty of the land.

The land is stunted, burned, drowned, and made toxic...
The leaders corrupt and perverse,
Wasting our resources without replenishment.
Return to your consort, Mother Earth.

Horned God, protector of beasts...
Bring balance and integrity.
Purify the Sovereignty.
Like a geode split in two,
Yearning to bond again,
Fit yourself into relation with Mother Earth,
Grow back into integrity.

God of huntsmen and shepherds revive.
Bring back a true relationship with the land.
Answer the shaman's prayers,
And transform the chiefs.
The earth pines for you.
We await your return.

- Jehanah -
(a poem for Autumn Equinox)