Sunday, May 13, 2012

Song For The Day

Jenna and Mike, 1960

I sang to the birds, and the birds came flying
And we sang to the sun through the movements of air
I sang to the lizards, and the lizards came running
And snakes slithered in from hot sands of bright fire

I sang to the bear, and the bear kept turning
and the earth, and soil's tiny creatures asleep
I sang to the whales, and the whales came singing
And we sang, 'cross the waters of the oceans so deep

The song rose to the stars, it spread o'er the earth
And into the hearts of all creatures around
All our singing was there, we heard the great buzz
And everyone singing there loved the great sound


Tuesday, May 1, 2012


     I woke up once
     On another Earth
     In another time
     An uncertain birth
     In another dimension
     In another lifetime
     In a different body
     With an opposing sign
     Another shade of red
     A different hue of blue
     A secret Word for Love
     In the Mystery of You
     In a faraway home
     With an unfamiliar crowd
     From unique birthing gown
     To the eternal shroud
     I wrote a poem
     In a different rhyme
     It was slow in coming
     I took my time